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LASG Provides Security to CNN during Riots

Security for correspondence crews increased after reporter attacked during violent riots in Charlotte

Laurence Aviation and Security Group provided security to CNN correspondence teams during the riots in Charlotte, North Carolina. Photo courtesy LASG

CHARLOTTE, September 28, 2016 — Laurence Aviation and Security Group (LASG) was selected to provide professional security services to CNN after a correspondent was assaulted by a protester in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The assault occurred on Wednesday night after riots broke out proceeding the fatal shooting of Keith Lamont Scott. CNN correspondent, Ed Lavandera, was live on CNN, when he was unexpectedly accosted and forced to the ground after being struck on the shoulder by the protestor.

Lavandera was later able to return to report on the protest, at which time he able to give greater insight into the particulars of the attack. Lavandera commented, “I didn’t see it coming. All I heard was someone yelling at me that I need to tell the truth and next thing you know, I got kind of blindsided.”

LASG immediately deployed a hand-picked, seven-member personal security team to North Carolina to safely escort three separate correspondent teams and provide the necessary protection.

Stephen Blovat, Vice President of LASG, said that their crews were kept very busy during their time in North Carolina. “It was very intense,” said Blovat, a former Army AH-64D pilot. “It was readily apparent that we would need to remain hyper vigilant in the execution of our duties, in order to provide the very best possible security and keep our clients safe.”

During their security duties, the LASG teams walked for over 17 miles on their first night in Charlotte, and over 12 miles the second night. Blovat said the work was “rigorous, but rewarding.”

The LASG team returned to home base earlier in the week, where they will now begin preparations for several upcoming high-profile missions.

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