Stephen Blovat, OHST, CSHS

Stephen is a US Army veteran with extensive experience as a sheriff’s deputy, infantry soldier, flight medic, military police, medevac helicopter pilot, Apache pilot, tactical operations officer and safety specialist.

Throughout his military career, Stephen has completed four combat tours. He is recently retired from the Army, but continues to strive to help others wherever needed.


Peter Halliman

Peter has spent 30 years in third-world, under-developed, countries, doing mission work. Many times Peter would travel alone to these remotes spots, living and working in hostile, and challenging conditions.

Peter believes in setting a goal for each mission, and pursuing these goals until the mission is complete. He is persistent and committed to going the distance, regardless of hardships and life-threatening situations. He takes pride in accepting the challenges inherent in his work. Regardless of the situation, Peter is always dedicated to getting the job done in an ethical fashion.

All of our senior leadership are commissioned Deputy Marshals.

General Manager — “B.H.”

Our GM is an accomplished Senior NCO with 18 years experience. He has served with 5th Group 5th Special Forces Group since 2010 and deployed as a member of an ODA five times, with previous overseas deployments as well. He has been fortunate to belong to an organization which continually seeks out the most relevant and efficient techniques for training (weapons handling/marksmanship, close quarters battle/combat, and direct action interdictions, etc.) based on real-world experiences and evolving threats.

He has worked with many non-DoD agencies, (State Department, FBI, and DIA), and also possesses extensive experience working on personal security details (PSD) at the highest levels. He spends a lot of off-duty time training various DoD entities as a part-time instructor and range safety officer.